Avalanche Program

NSP has been providing avalanche education to ski patrollers and other search and rescue personnel since 1957, making it the oldest and most experienced avalanche education association for rescue professionals in the U.S. NSP offers avalanche education for general recreationists as well.


All NSP avalanche courses meet or exceed curriculum recommendations established for each course by the American Avalanche Association. Course content is frequently updated to incorporate the latest avalanche research and skills. All avalanche education courses are taught by NSP-certified avalanche instructors who undergo rigorous training and evaluation of technical knowledge and teaching proficiency.


Know Before You Go Program

This program, in collaboration with the Utah Avalanche Center, Friends of CAIC, and Recco, is designed to increase basic avalanche awareness and education for youth.


Ortovox announced a recall of its 3+ avalanche transceivers that are running software version 2.1.

From Ortovox:

"Feedback from our SAFETY ACADEMY PARTNERS has revealed that, in some very rare situations, temporary disruption of the transmission function may occur on our 3+ avalanche transceivers. This can lead to prolongation of the search process. The reason for the disruption is a software error.

There have been no known accidents caused by the software error. As a precautionary measure to ensure our customers are not at risk, we are recalling all 3+ transceivers running software version 2.1. Devices affected by the recall may no longer be used without the required software update."

To learn more about the recall, open the PDF linked below, or go to www.ortovox.com/recall-3plus.