NSP Making Safety Look Good Photo Contest Rules and Regulations

  • The contest is only open to patrollers.
  • Patrollers must be 18 years of age to participate.
  • Only the photographer can submit his or her images. Images may not be submitted by a third party on behalf of the photographer.
  • All images must be submitted through WeTransfer OR the NSP Instrgram Page.
  • Photos may be submitted by photographers from any registered patrol within the NSP, whether in the U.S. or a foreign country.
  • When submitting a photo, you must also submit the photographer's name, NSP member number, and category the photo is submitted for.
  • All required information (see above) must be submitted with the entry on the Flickr page or Instagram page to be considered.
  • Upon request, photographers must include a model release for all photographs submitted.
  • Failure to provide such a release upon request may result in disqualification.
  • Inappropriate submissions will disqualify the photographer from the contest.
  • All decisions by judges are final.
  • Photographers acknowledge that the photos submitted to NSP for the contest will become part of NSP’s photo portfolio. By submitting the photos, the photographer agrees that NSP and the contest sponsors can use the photo(s) in marketing, advertising, and web materials with no further compensation to the photographer.
  • Photographers must own all rights to any photographs entered in the contest. By submitting an image, the photographer represents and warrants that such submission does not infringe upon any third-party rights or other rights protected by law.
  • Photos must be submitted in one of the FOUR categories.
  • Videos must be submitted in one of the ONE categories.
  • Photographers may submit a maximum of THREE photos or videos per category.
  • Photographers may not submit the same image to more than one category.
  • Once a photograph has been submitted, it is final and may not be replaced by another photograph.
  • Videos take longer to upload than photos. Be sure you allow the video to fully upload.



 Submissions must be made between January 2, 2017 and April 12, 2017. Photos submitted outside this period will not be considered.

For the DSLR traditional-based categories of this contest, NSP will accept photo submissions via WeTransfer. Video and Instagram submissions will remain the same. WeTransfer is an online file transfer that allows for a quick and easy photo submission. Go to www.WeTransfer.com, click on add files, enter the recipient's email (editor@nsp.org), add your own email, and add a message to the recipient containing your member ID and the category you are submitting the photo for, and then hit the transfer button. WeTransfer submissions will take the place of previous Flickr submissions.

To enter photos in the Intstagram category, upload photos using your Instagram account and tag them with one of the four following hashtags:

  • #SkiPatrolDogs17
  • #NSPPatrolWork17
  • #NSPPowderDays1
  • #NSPPatrolHumor17

Good luck!



  • Prizes will be announced soon!



  • Images shot on film or digital media will be accepted. All film prints and transparencies must be drum scanned at high resolution and delivered digitally. No prints will be accepted. Videos can be either standard definition or high definition.



  • Online submission format: JPG
  • Photos must be at least two megabytes, with a maximum file size of 20 megabytes.
  • Images should have at least 200 pixels per inch, or a JPEG resolution of 2240 x 1680. Generally, this is equivalent to a four megapixel camera at its highest resolution setting.
  • Cell phone images are discouraged for entry in the traditional photo categories, because the resolution is generally not high enough. Cell phone images are good for Instagram.




  • There will be three judges for this contest.
  • Contest judges will base their decisions on a mix of composition, creativity, impact, artistic flair, and overall qualities of photographic excellence.