Women's Program Adviser sought

The NSP Women's Program is dedicated to advancing the patrolling skills and membership of women in the National Ski Patrol. A key component of the NSP Women's Program is the growth of women in leadership positions at all levels.

The Women's Program also seeks to grow the number of instructors, both women and men, who have experience teaching women. There is a fundamental difference between how men and women approach skill development and learning new tasks. Understanding the differences, and learning how to work within the student-centered lesson, leads to success for both the student and instructor.

As a member of the NSP Marketing Committee, the NSP National Women's Program seeks to grow the number of women participating in patrolling. Currently, women comprise approximately 21 percent of NSP's membership.

The National Ski Patrol is looking for a committed leader to manage as well as oversee program development and other new initiatives in the Women's Program. Some of the qualities needed in the applicant are:

  • Experience as a region program administrator or division program supervisor (does not have to be a women's program).
  • Participation in women's-specific programs at any level, both as a participant and instructor/administrator or supervisor.
  • Experience organizing clinics, working with area management and patrols regarding toboggan and ski clinic logistics.
  • NSP OET instructor certification — The on-hill component is still a very high priority for the female membership.
  • Ability to work as a team leader.
  • Ability to recognize strengths and diversity in team members and utilize those in developing the Women's Program.
  • Desire to work on promotion of women in the outdoors/snow sports.
  • Ability to connect and network with others outside of the NSP promoting women in the outdoor/snow sports industry.

Application requirements should be sent to Women's Program Adviser Search Committee Chair Ty Damon at tydamon@me.com no later than midnight on September 1, 2017.

Per the National Ski Patrol Policies and Procedures, the search committee will be comprised of two board members, two division directors, and one division supervisor from the Women's Program. The committee will rank the top 3—4 candidates after reviewing applications, and submit that information to NSP National Board Chair Jim Woodrum, who will make the final decision, one that will then be confirmed by the rest of the board.