Meet the NSP staff

Meegan Moszynski, Executive Director
Meegan joined the NSP as its new executive director in July 2017. She has an extensive nonprofit background. Email Meegan.
Kari Power, Executive Assistant and HR Manager
Kari joined the NSP staff in February 2017 and handles human resources matters, and is the executive assistant. Email Kari.


Bill Finley, Finance Director
Bill Finley started as finance director with NSP in February 2016, and will oversee the budgeting for the NSP. Email Bill.

Juliann Hudson, Senior Accountant
Juliann joined the NSP staff in March 2017 and keeps the NSP accounting records. Email Juliann.

Cheri Overton, Alumni and Awards Manager
Cheri has been with the NSP since 2007. Cheri is alumni membership processing and is the staff point of contact for award questions. Email Cheri.
Stephanie Zavislan, Accountant
Stephanie joined the NSP staff in spring 2017 as the staff accountant. Email Stephanie.

Education and Member Services

Sheila Summers, Member Services and Education Director
Sheila joined the staff in spring 2015 as education director, supporting the curriculum-based education programs in achieving the NSP strategic objectives. She recently added supervision of member services to her role, focusing on the general system and education-related service to members. Email Sheila.

Carol Hudson, Receptionist and Board of Directors Coordinator
Carol has been with the NSP since 2005, and is the front desk person who greets our members and assists board committee chairs with communication and meeting note-taking. Email Carol.
Kristen Pilkington, Education Records Specialist 
Kristen began her education role in spring 2017, serving members by facilitating the course closure process, updating course and certification records as needed, and working closely with IORs and ITs. Email Kristen.

Marketing and Development

Melanie Hood, Marketing and Development Director 
Melanie Hood joined the NSP staff in fall 2012, and is in charge of all NSP sponsorships/partnerships. Email Melanie.

Candace Horgan, Communications
Candace joined the NSP staff in spring 2010, and oversees the production of Ski Patrol Magazine, the two catalogs, the Refresher Workbook, and writes press releases. Email Candace.

Rachel Crane, Marketing and Events Manager
Rachel has been with the NSP since 2011, manages meetings, events, and conferences, and provides support to the marketing and catalog departments. Email Rachel.

Andre Gonsalves, Brand and Marketing Specialist
Andre joined the NSP fresh out of college in 2016, and is in charge of graphic design and video. Email Andre.

Catalog and Operations

Josh Jacobson, Catalog Sales and Operations Director
Josh started with NSP in 2009, and oversees the buying and production for the fall and summer catalogs, as well as all catalog sales through NSP's Online Store. Email Josh.
Rob Wilcox, Warehouse Manager
Rob has been with the NSP since 2009, and is in charge of shipping orders from the NSP Online Store. Email Rob.