Contact NSP

NSP National Office
133 South Van Gordon Street, Suite 100
Lakewood, CO 80228
Phone: 303-988-1111
Fax: 303-988-3005

National Office Staff

John McMahon Ext. 2645 Executive Director
Joanne Galko Ext. 2624 Finance Director
Passwords Ext. 2637 Passwords
Darcy Hanley Ext. 2660 Education Director
Melanie Hood Ext. 2621 Director of Marketing and Events
Candace Horgan Ext. 2625 Communications Director
Josh Jacobson Ext. 2629 Catalog Sales and Operations Director
Cheri Overton Ext. 2646 Director of Member Registration and National Awards Administrator
Jill Bjerke Ext. 2661 Education Assistant
Rachel Crane Ext. 2626 Merchandising and Events Planner
Cara Crowley Ext. 2641 Marketing Coordinator
Carol Hudson Ext. 2637 Administrative Coordinator
Jen Miller Ext. 2627 Member Services Manager
Kate Peine Ext. 2620 Accountant
IT Services Ext. 2640
Rob Wilcox   Warehouse Supervisor