Who's Who

NSP staff, board members, division directors, and other leaders

The current NSP staff includes 16 people, many of whom have worked for the organization for three or more years. Members of the NSP board of directors and national officers are elected or appointed in accordance with the NSP Bylaws. Election procedures can be found in the NSP Policies and Procedures, available to any NSP member. Click on the links at right to meet the staff and NSP leaders.

The NSP board and executive director at the winter meeting in January 2017. (From L-R): Jay Zedak, Ken Kramer, Executive Director John McMahon, Keith Cassidy, Bill Sinykin,
Josh Masur, Ty Damon, Rick Knight, Jim Woodrum, Ed McNamara, Brian Rull, Dave Walker, Mike Huber, and Chris Pringle. Photo by Candace Horgan.